I was diagnosed with MS in August 2000 when I was 20 years old. My very first symptoms were numbness that I got a few years prior to the diagnosis. I had numbness of the face when I was 17, and numbness of the fingertips and toes when I was 18. In January 2000, I went numb down my whole left side of the body. It would last about 10 seconds at a time and happened about once an hour. This continued for about 6 months. At this point, I knew that something was really wrong. I got an MRI and was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. My MS doctor put me on Avonex. (An injection that I had to self-administer once a week into the muscle of my leg.) It was awful… The needles were huge and I would get so sick from them. (flu-like symptoms, fever, chills…) Even on the awful meds, I continued to get numbness, burning feelings, skin crawling feelings, fatigue, dizziness, vertigo and Larametes symptom (which is a vibration feeling of pins and needles that would go from my neck down the spine and down my legs.) I also had horrible itching feelings on my face… It was so bad that I actually would rub sandpaper on it! So my doctor put me on more meds for those symptoms too! I was on the Avonex for 4 years until my doctor ordered me to take a break from them, because they were damaging my liver enzymes. After about 6 months of not being on any meds, I had a relapse. I got so weak, could hardly walk and would continuously fall down and I had to crawl up stairs… So my doctor put me on steroids which I believe made me weaker yet. It took me about 6 months until I started feeling better. Then my doctor put me on a new injection, Betaseron. (which I had to inject every other day into the skin) I continued to get MS symptoms, but on top of that, I was still getting sick and scar tissue from all the injections. In February 2011, I got an infection in my leg from the injections that caused me to barely walk and I had to go to the hospital to get it drained. It was the worst pain I have ever felt! After the infection and the pain of injecting into scar tissue, I started to do less and less injections.

Finally in the Summer of 2011, I decided that I had enough and I quit all of these pharmaceutical meds all together. But I knew that I would need to something to control my MS. So, I started homeopathy, holistic healing and I changed my diet in the fall of 2011. I am treating my MS symptoms with homeopathy and treating my body and my liver (that was damaged from all the meds that I took over the years) with natural herbs. I also I started to eat mostly vegetables and whole foods and try to follow an MS diet (which is vegan and gluten free) With following a 95% vegan diet, I needed to make sure that I was getting enough protein and other nutrients that I wasn’t getting from meat and dairy. So I turned to HEMP and incorporated it into my daily diet. It was the perfect addition that I needed in my already healthy diet. It gave me the protein I was lacking as well as fiber, the beneficial amino acids and omega 3s. Ever since I have started the homeopathy, holistic approach and healthy eating, I have had zero MS symptoms. Not only that, but my allergies and asthma have disappeared and I have have never felt cleaner, better or stronger! I still have scar tissue marks in my legs from my needles. They will never go away but will always be there to remind me of how bad it used to be and to never go back to that.