Throughout Riley’s professional hockey career he established an identity of being a rough, tough physical presence. A throwback of the broad street bully era. He was also just as known for his work  off the ice in the community and working with different charitable causes.  Riley’s true passion was to help people in any way possible but more specifically to educate people on health and nutrition. So in 2011 he decided to create his own foundation in the likes of taking his passion to the next level. 

IMG_0608The hemp heals foundation Our Mission supports sustainable agriculture and sustainable health, focusing on a holistic approach to optimum health. Keeping our bodies nourished with more plant based whole foods, help to keep our mind, body and spirits healthy. Clean farming and agricultural practices are key to the production of clean food and other regularly used resources. Interestingly enough there is a plant here on earth that has the earth ability to grow in almost any climate and provide a 100% renewable crop with all kinds of uses. Nutritionally dense foods, durable fiber and textiles, clean bio diesel fuel, powerful CBD medications and moisturizing hair and body products. One amazing plant, with thousands of solutions that will help us sustain a healthier world and a healthier economy, the misunderstood hemp plant.
The Hemp Heals Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization created by former Philadelphia Flyer tough guy Riley Cote. Riley’s quest is to help teach people the power of nutrition and sustainable lifestyles. Focusing on the prevention of disease and attaining optimum health. The misunderstood cannabis hemp plant is in fact the most useful plant that grows on this planet. A non toxic, eco friendly, renewable resource that has been used around the world for thousands of years. The nutritional profile of hemp seeds make it one of the most nutritionally complete foods on the planet. Nutrient dense whole foods such as hemp seeds posses a ton of nutrition and powerful healing properties that help keep body balanced on a cellular level. Hemp is much more than a nutritional powerhouse, it’s the world’s most perfect plant.

All of us know someone who is directly or indirectly with illness and disease. The fact is most illness can be prevented and even in most cases reversed with the proper understanding of health, nutrition and environment. Society is continually searching for the cure while the root of the problem seems to be overlooked. Hemp Heals’ mission is to promote a cleaner more sustainable way of life, by including hemp as a renewable alternative to the toxic industries that currently have hijacked society.


This summer Riley put together a team and entered  Hungry Hemp-O  in to the checking for charity hockey tournament. Despite the teams record they were able to raise $1000 toward for the Hemp Heals Foundation which was in turn donated to Christina Pirello’s health education initiative. The purpose of The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative is to change our relationship with food. With education as its foundation, the goal of The Initiative is to provide a number of specifically designed programs to the schools, the community and the food industry.