Riley was known for his physical presence on the ice but more importantly known for his work off the ice in the community, working with different charitable causes. In 2006-2007 he was named the Philadelphia Phantom’s man of the year as a direct result of being a positive influence in the community.


In 2008 to 2010 Riley decided to focus on a specific charity in hopes to help his sister Jaime who was diagnosed with MS. Riley created the “Cote Carnival”, his own fundraiser which raised over 41 thousand dollars and these proceeds were donated to the MSAA to help people suffering from MS.

Riley’s true passion was to help people in any way possible but more specifically to educate people on the prevention and reversal of most disease with lifestyle changes in health and nutrition. After seeing his sister turn her life around and completely manage her MS holistically, he became a believer. So in 2011 he decided to create his own foundation in the likes of taking his passion to the next level. Riley’s Hemp Heals Foundation is designed to promote healthy living by educating people on the foods they should be consuming while bringing awareness to the toxic food that food industries have allowed on our shelves. 

img_9142• Scott Parker (Stanley Cup Champion- NHL), Daniel Carcillo ( 2 time Stanley Cup Champion- NHL) Riley Cote (NHL & founder of the Hemp Heals Foundation), visit the families affected by epilepsy at The Realm of Caring