Eben Britton (NFL) Leonard Marshall (NFL & founder of the Brain unity trust), Riley Cote (NHL), Charlie Adams (NFL) – CWCBexpo


• Anti inflammatory properties: As an athlete, battling inflammation is an everyday occurrence. Cannabinoids offer a powerful whole body & brain anti-inflammatory.

• Rest/Sleep and Recovery: Whether a sport is aerobic or anaerobic, the quicker an athlete can recover the better he will perform the following day. Sleep is essential to the recovery process and with CBD and other cannabinoids, can help promote both rest and deep REM sleep.

• Stress & Anxiety Management: Managing stress in life is key. CBD can help bring a sense relaxation and calmness to oneself.

• Managing pain: The daily grind of being an athlete takes its toll. Cannabinoids are the safe, natural alternative to the highly addictive, toxic pill culture that exists in our society.

• Neuroprotectant: Not only do the anti inflammatory properties protect the brain, but it is believed that cannabinoids actually promote neurogenesis.

• Increased Wellness: It is undeniable that cannabinoids can help increase ones quality of life. These compounds stimulate the endocannabinoid system and offer whole body relief.


Concussions, CTE and CBD sports Panel at the CWCBexpo in LA 2016

Melissa Ethridge, Jake Plummer (NFL), Nate Jackson (NFL), Riley Cote (NHL), Heather Jackson (Realm of Caring), Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller, Lorenzo, Neal (NFL)