Chris brown Announces Official Launch Date for "BUSSIN" Strain In Partnership With OHB FARMS and ORIGINALS

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Good evening, cannabis connoisseurs! This is your cannabis insider live from the broadcasting room at HQ. Today I'm bringing you a collaborative project that aims to change the cannabis culture with a new celebrity backed strain called BUSSIN. Multi-talented American entertainer Chris Brown and long-time cannabis enthusiast, has inked a deal with the California dispensary, Originals. Under the OHB Farms brand, they're about to release a brand new cannabis strain called BUSSIN.

Now, in a market that's already more congested then traffic in a Los Angeles freeway, this is a bold move. But the team-up behind the new BUSSIN strain promises something fresh for consumers: a strain that stands out and demands attention. Details like THC and CBD content, the masterminds behind this collaborative effort, and a cannabis connoisseur review? Stay tuned because your cannabis insider has you covered with an inside look! 

Chris Brown Lights Up the Industry with His BUSSIN Cannabis Strain Launch Announcement

So here's the scoop: BUSSIN has been two years in the making. That's right, two whole years! Chris Brown and the Originals team haven't just been sitting around passing a joint; they've been deep in R&D. The result? A strain that promises to deliver something you've never felt before.

But check this out, we got a plot twist for ya. The mystery middleman who made this whole thing possible? It's the creator of, who also happens to be a supplier to Hollywood’s A-listers out in Cali. So you know this blend has got some real star quality.

Now mark this date—October 27, 2023. Why? Because that's when BUSSIN is scheduled to drop in dispensaries across California. Under the OHB Farms banner, you can bet it'll be flying off the shelves faster than tickets to a Drake concert.

Two years of prep, a solid team, and a middleman who knows the Hollywood green scene? You could guess BUSSIN is shaping up to be the underdog that challenges the California Hollywood cannabis market.

Behind BUSSIN: The Chris Brown, OHB FARMS, and ORIGINALS Partnership

Now, let's keep it a hundred: we all know how the game usually goes. New celebrity cannabis brands pop up, and most consumers just shrug and stick to the classics—Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, or for those who know what’s good, some Kush. But this partnership? There's something different with this one.

Let's break down the dream team, shall we? First off, we've got the creator of Shaggy Snacks, a name that's no stranger to cannabis shelves across California. Dude's got cred in the industry, supplying those Hollywood stars with the good-good. Then, enter Originals, the popular dispensary you've probably seen or heard of if you've ever set foot in LA or San Diego.

But let's not sleep on the cultivators, OHB Farms. They're the green-thumbs behind the curtain, the wizards behind the BUSSIN strain. These are the cultivators who are gonna take this from seed to stash. Pair that with the undeniable enthusiasm of Chris Brown, and you've got yourself a cannabis symphony in the making.

Now get this, this project has been in development since September 11, 2021. Yeah, it's been a minute. Chris Brown got his intro to the cannabis game during a tour of Originals' indoor grow house. So, we're talking about a relationship that's had time to germinate, no pun intended. It's not just about slapping a famous name on some green and calling it a day. This is a meticulously planned, carefully executed project designed to bring something new and electrifying to the cannabis landscape. It’s a mastermind project, and with a name like BUSSIN, you know they're aiming high.

A Insider's Update: Sign Up for BUSSIN's Weed Strain Alerts

MY cannabis connoisseurs, we're winding down, but don't go hitting that snooze button just yet. Let's wrap this up with some final thoughts on what we've been vibing on: Chris Brown's new BUSSIN strain, hitting dispensaries during their official launch date October 27, 2023. That's right around the corner!

Now, we gotta ask: what's the verdict gonna be? Are we, the cannabis aficionados, gonna share the love and pass this one around the circle? Or will it be one of those strains that, despite all the hype, gets left behind for the time-tested classics like OG Kush and Sour Diesel? We'll have to wait and find out.

If you've got some thoughts or early reviews, send me a message. And if you're not already tuned in, do yourselves a favor and subscribe to the blog. You won't want to miss what comes next, especially my full, in-depth review on BUSSIN. I'll be getting my hands on it as soon as it drops, so you can trust it's gonna be a no-holds-barred take from someone who lives and breathes this green game.

Until next time, keep those lighters handy and your minds open. It's a wild world of weed out there, and we're just scratching the surface. Peace out and stay lifted!

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