LES's First Legal Dispensary: Conbud's Grand Opening

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Lower East Side fam, It's ya cannabis insider reporting live with the Hemp Heals Foundation, and man, do I have some smokin' news for y'all! The concrete jungle where dreams are made of is about to get even greener. Drumroll, please... Conbud is cutting the ribbon to the first-ever LEGAL dispensary in our very own Lower East Side on October 19, 2023. Whew, it's about time, right? From the block to the buds, how did we get here? And what fire will they be packing? Dive in, fam – all the deets coming right up!

Manhattan's LES Welcomes First Legal Dispensary: Conbud's Grand Opening

October 19, 2023, is about to be historic for our LES streets. Conbud is settin' the stage as the first legal dispensary to get your pre-rolls, gummies, and flower buds, all available here in the Lower East Side. And can we just take a minute to give it up for the real MVP, Coss Marte? From the cell to the streets, the man flipped the script. After doing his time for hustlin', he bounced back, not just for himself, but for the entire community. Helping others rebuild, find their purpose, and now, educating and providing the same neighborhood he grew up on with some green relief. And guess where you can swing by for that top shelf bud? Right at the iconic crossroads of Delancey St. and Orchard St. It's more than just a local cannabis retail shop – it's a new chapter in New York City's cannabis story, leaving hazy days of prohibition behind.


85 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

📱: (917) 327-2958

Conbud LES Dispensary: A Peek Into What Products Are Available

Stepping into Conbud on it's opening day, will be like stepping into a time machine set to the Lower East Side cannabis scene of the late '90s. Remember those golden days? You're gonna find those iconic OG strains that ruled the NYC streets. I'm talking 'bout that classic Sour Diesel and that Cuban Haze – strains that didn't just pass through, but stamped their legacy on the city. Along side with the legacy players who took the risks and set the stage. And for those who wanna light up or munch down, they got you! Pre-rolls, edibles, and flower buds the size of Christmas trees. And no, I ain't talkin' about that lil Charlie Brown tree. Think Rockefeller Center!

Delta 9 Gummies at Conbud: Are They on the Menu?

Alright, fam, I hear ya loud and clear! 🔊 Everybody's buzzing 'bout one thing: will Conbud be stocked with those neighborhood MVPs, those Green Gold Delta 9 THC gummies? You know, the organically-crafted, legally compliant ones? Well, we're on it! We'll holla at Conbud and get the inside info for y'all. But hey, can't wait? Eager to get your hands on those gummies? For now you can buy 'em online, and they'll drop it straight at your doorstep!

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Be First in Line: Conbud News & Special Coupon Codes

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