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Welcome to the first episode of the Cannabis Aficionado Showcase! Today day we're rolling out the red – or should I say green – carpet for the first edition of the cannabis aficionado showcase. Let's dive deep into the world of Jalisco's very own cannabis connoisseur, el maestro of la motita, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laijais. Peso Pluma isn't just a major voice in corridos tumbados movement; he’s also been advocating for that herbal healing. And trust me, his passion for the plant burns brighter than a freshly lit joint.

Now, before we started, let’s set the vibe right. Light up that motita, kick back, "y para mi cerebro, una pluma de wax!"

Peso Pluma's Roots: Tracing Cannabis through Mexican History

Aight, Peso Pluma fans, before we unpack Peso's passion for the green, we gotta get familiar with the soil he sprouted from. Jalisco, and let's be real, most of Mexico, boasts a cannabis history thicker than your abuela's legendary enchiladas.

Mexico isn't just about tacos tacos De Birria and tequila; it's a pivotal chapter in the worldwide tale of marijuana. Believe it or not, it's through the vibrant alleyways of Mexico that this mystical plant danced its way to the jazz clubs of North America, seducing the beatniks, hippies, and all who dared to inhale its freedom.

But it ain't all been smooth sailing and chill sessions. The '60s saw our American hippie friends traveling south to regions like Michoacán, lured by fields of affordable, quality mota. And U.S president Nixon wasn't thrilled about that during that time. Together with his administration in 1969, he lauched Operation Intercept. Imagine getting stuck at the border while they're peeking under your car mats for a little stash of green buds. Madness!

The same mota that got the party started was also the fuel for Mexico's dreaded cartels. They began as brokers, raking in the cash, but, like always, money and power twisted things up. Small growers? Sadly, they got left in the dust.

But like all great stories, there's a turn. In 2021, Mexico stepped into a new era where cannabis is now decriminalized both for recreational and medicinal purposes. Thanks to the Supreme Court of Mexico and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico's cannabis connoisseurs can now hold up to 28 grams and even grow six plants at their homes. Progress, right?

Through the thick haze of history, Peso Pluma's roots are embedded in these stories, giving depth to his advocacy and love for the plant. From narco-violence to a beacon of hope, Mexico's journey with cannabis is one for the ages.

Cannabis and Creativity: Peso Pluma's Dynamic Entry into the Industry

When the calendar hit 4/20 back in 2022, Peso Pluma wasn't just sparking one up, he was lighting up the scene with a new drop, the "Sembrando" music video. Transporting fans to a nostalgic journey back to the ranch, the visual masterpiece was filled with good vibes, day ones, and the leading lady who never fails to uplift our mood, the ever-seductive Mary Jane.

Amidst the occasional side-eye and whispers, Pluma’s never backed down from his cannabis love affair. Yet, the man’s clear about one thing – he's not out here preaching the gospel of green to everyone. Nah, he's just narrating his truth and giving a voice to the cannabis community's stories.

In true Peso Pluma style, he doesn’t sugarcoat or shy away. He grabs the mic and spills the truth, pushing boundaries and reshaping how the world feels about Mary Jane in music and pop culture. Authentic? Absolutely. Censored? Never.

As for what's next in Peso Pluma’s green chapter? Word on the street is that the Jalisco, Mexican artist might be mixing business with pleasure. There's been some chatter about Peso Pluma hitting up LA’s famed cannabis hot spot, Jungle Boys. Could this be a hint of the maestro stepping into the green business? If there's one thing for sure, Peso Pluma knows how to keep fans and the industry on their toes, waiting for his next move.

Next on 'Cannabis Aficionado': An Episode You Won't Want to Miss!

If you've vibed with us till the end, mad love to you! Thank you for rolling through the inaugural edition of The Cannabis Aficionado Showcase. It's been a blazing journey diving into the world of Peso Pluma, and trust, this is just the pre-game.

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Till we link up again, I've got a little parting gift for the Peso Pluma fans. Right below? A handcrafted playlist for that'll have you nodding to those Peso Pluma cannabis stories. Get lost in it, and keep those vibes high!

Catch y'all on the flip side. Next episode? It’s gonna be fire. Peace out and stay lifted!

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