The Kodak Hawkeye Building Burglary Mystery: New York Rochester Police Department Discover Abandoned Cannabis Operation

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Good evening Rochester! It's your cannabis-savvy broadcaster coming to you live from the heart of the action, right here at the legendary Kodak Hawkeye building on the crossroads of St Paul Boulevard and Avenue E. Now, I know you're used to seeing me discussing the many shades of green, from the "sticky icky" to the policies that surround it. But today, we're switching gears a bit. We're talking about a double-whammy of intrigue tonight.

First up, the Rochester PD's got their hands full with a string of copper thefts at this old haunt. And if that wasn't enough to keep those boys in blue busy, there's whispers on the street about an abandoned cannabis operation hidden deep inside. That's right, the green scene might have deeper roots in this city than we thought.

But don’t you worry, I’m here to dig deep and get you the inside scoop of this mystery caper. So, keep it locked, we’re just gettin’ started. And remember, even when it's cloudy in Rochester, I'm here to clear the smoke. Stay tuned!

Snapshot of Time: The Golden Era of Kodak Hawkeye Before Its Abandon Cannabis Operation

Before we dive deeper into today's drama, let's take a lil' trip down memory lane. You see, the Kodak Hawkeye building isn't just another run-down building in the city. It's a piece of American history, a silent witness to the shadows of the 20th century. For those of y'all who might not know, Kodak, the big name from the last century, was the real deal when it came to analogue photography. We're talking about a blue-chip, iconic American company. And this building right here? This wasn't just some office space; this was the heart of their top-secret aerial reconnaissance film department.

During the chills of the Cold War, when espionage and secrets were the name of the game, Uncle Sam leaned heavily on the works coming out of these walls. Imagine that! Photos developed here gave the US its very first glimpse of what was going down in the Soviet Union's backyard. Now that's some heavy-duty paparazzi work.

Shout out to the unsung heroes, those Kodak engineers – John Spina, Richard Price, Jeff Wynn, George Hubbard, John Shafer, and Dave McDowell. Together, they cooked up the 'Gambit' program, servin’ the US with those high-res satellite images of Soviet hotspots. They might not have known the magnitude of their work, but these guys were the real MVPs in the shadows.

Flash! Rochester Police Discover Cannabis Secret At Old Kodak Hawkeye Building

Rochester, let's dive back into the Kodak Hawkeye building's current scene. Forget what you thought you knew about this historic landmark, 'cause on August 16th, the Rochester PD got a look at a whole new picture. The once prestigious hub of photography innovation? Now it's playing host to crews ransacking the joint for copper and whatever else they can get their hands on. Yeah, the times, they've changed.

Hold up, though, 'cause the surprises didn’t stop there. Responders on the scene uncovered buckets full of some suspect chemicals, the kinda stuff that had the bomb squad rushing to the scene. And, if you're thinking, 'Hasn't something like this happened before?' You'd be right. Flashback to April 30th, 2019: hazmat crews swarming the same spot for a similar situation. And get this – buried within the heart of the building? A deserted cannabis operation, long forgotten, or maybe just left in a rush. And all this while under the ownership of WBS Capital Inc., straight outta NYC.

Speaking of WBS Capital, let's get into that tea. They bought this building in 2018 with some lofty promises: a $55 mil vision of a foreign trade zone, spaces for businesses, and some affordable housing spots. But, fast forward to now? Looters, empty greenhouses, and a trail of broken dreams. Word has it, WBS might not even be in the loop on their own property. And the drama ain't stopping. News10NBC's been doing their homework, and it turns out there are outstanding code violations on the property, and a thick lawsuit from an investor, claiming a whopping $1.3 million. As the plot thickens, stay tuned as we dissect this mystery.

Lens on the Unknown: What's Happening at Rochester's Old Kodak Hawkeye?

We've got to connect the dots and see where this mystery trail leads. Did someone see an opportunity with the vacant Kodak Hawkeye and decide to set up shop? Did WBS Capital have the inside scope on the cannabis operation? Or maybe this iconic spot just became the spot for Rochester's finest cannabis connoisseurs to link up?

When it comes to getting the owner's perspective, things got real interesting. One of News10NBC's investigators got them on the phone, but all we got from the owner's end was a swift “do not say anything” before he cut the line. Suspicious much?

But here's the real kicker. On the scene, we found what might just be the breadcrumb trail we've been looking for - or should I say, gummy trail? We’re talking premium delta 9 gummies, the best of the best for our local Rochester cannabis connoisseurs and where to buy them. If we ride this wave and follow the clues, who knows what we'll unearth about the dealings at the historic Kodak Hawkeye Building.

So, for all my Rochester readers out there, subscribe to the the blog for the latest, and if you've got that inside scoop or stumble upon something new, drop it in the direct message box. We'll be on the case. Till then, keep it chill and stay curious. Catch y'all on the next live report!"

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