NY Office Of Cannabis Management Seize $2 Million from Local Rochester Dispensary Shop Triclomes

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Good evening, Rochester—this is your local cannabis insider broadcasting live from the News HQ. Today we've got some breaking news that's got Rochester's community connoisseurs buzzing. You ready for this?

Triclomes, a high-profile dispensary, just got hit with a serious case of the munchies—only it's the Office of Cannabis Management that's snackin'. They walked away with a full harvest, $2 million worth of cannabis products. We're talking top-shelf flower, THC-infused edibles, and even some baked goods that'll have you saying, "Betty Crocker, who?"

Now, y'all know I'm all for regulation that makes sense, but what's the 411 here? Are they saying Triclomes wasn't up to code or is this a bigger statement from the OCM? Is this reefer madness 2.0, or are we talking about some legit safety concerns?

Don't touch that dial—or that vape pen—just yet, 'cause we're about to take you deeper into the New York State cannabis jungle. We've got that exclusive look into the operation that'll shed some light on this dank situation.

A Glimpse Into Triclomes: What Made It a Go-To Cannabis Shop in Rochester

Time to get to the heart of the matter: Who exactly is Triclomes, and why is it more than just a dot on the cannabis map? Located on Dewey Ave in Rochester, Triclomes was more than just your regular smoke shop. We're talking about a straight-up cultural hub that was packin' lines down the block. You didn't just go to Triclomes to buy some flowers or edibles; you went for the whole experience.

The mastermind behind all this green glory is none other than John Brown. This guy didn't just stop at offering some fire buds and THC-infused baked goods that'll make your grandma's cookies look like rice cakes. Nah, he took it to the next level.

Get this: Triclomes was all about that cannabis culture. They had puff and paint events where you could get your Bob Ross on while puffing on some Blue Dream. But that's not all—John Brown was really tryin' to educate the masses. He set up cooking classes to show you how to make your own edibles right in your kitchen. And for those looking to be the next cannabis cultivators? Well, they had growing classes to help you get those green thumbs.

See, that's what makes this crackdown so mind-blowing. Triclomes wasn't just a store; it was a community spot that was really tryin' to elevate the game. So you gotta wonder, why them? 🤔

Triclomes, LLC

1631 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14615

Puff and Paint was fantastic. The painting instruction was excellent and made everyone comfortable, the dinner with infused desserts was delicious and the weed was high quality. Highly recommend for a fun night out.Everyone is always incredibly friendly and helpful here. The product is great. Love this place. @Tina Spano
Professional atmosphere. Staff is very knowledgeable and super friendly. The prices are a bit high compared to other places I've been but they do have a $30 ⅛ special every day that is usually pretty good (but occasionally sucks).They have everything. Flower, liquid, hash, edibles, prerolls from $10-$100's.Overall I would recommend. @Alabama
Customer experience after the raid:
Kinda confused as to why they’re even staying open if they can’t sell any product. I realize there has been a lot of OCM drama the past month but after driving all the way out here and seeing that the open sign was on I was so relieved to see they were actually open. Walked in and went through a crazy process to get in the door even though I’ve been here a hundred times, including a security guard staring at my ID for like 2 full minutes, BEFORE they decide to tell me that they’re no longer selling any thc products, only glass paraphernalia. It was just a really weird and uncomfortable experience and I prob won’t be back due to how weird the security guard and the girl working were towards me. I couldn’t tell if they actually aren’t selling any thc products anymore, or if they just thought I was conducting a sting or something so they refused to sell to me, but either way it was very odd that she waited until after she checked in her system and confirmed that I’ve been coming there for two years before she decided to tell me that they’re basically open for no reason. @Emily Briddon

OCM Seizes $2 Million from Triclomes: A Detailed Account of the Operation

Aight, Rochester, lean in closer for this one—time to break down what went down at Triclomes. And let me tell you, it ain't your typical "Cops" episode, that's for sure.

So, picture this: It's July 11, 2023. Members of the Office of Cannabis Management, decked out with the word "police" on their jackets, stroll into Triclomes for what they call a "civil recourse inspection." Trust, these guys were on a mission. They rolled in, started boxing up flower buds, edibles—you name it. According to John Brown, the man behind Triclomes, they walked away with $2 million worth of merchandise.

Now here's the kicker: while John's over here waiting for some kind of warrant, some kind of paper trail, the OCM is just like, "No license, no play, it's the law." Hold up! We're in a state that's been dragging its feet since the 2018 Farm Bill and Senate Bill S854A to get the licensing system on lock. Talking about a slow burn, for real.

Just to put things in perspective, there are over 8,000 reported cannabis operations across New York City. Yeah, that's a lot of green, and not enough licenses to go around. These business owners are trying to navigate a system that’s still figuring itself out.

But it ain't just about licenses. John Brown says the state doesn’t even have the facilities for 3rd party product testing. That's like asking Usain Bolt to run a race but tying his shoelaces together. John's saying there are compliance obstacles, especially when it comes to product testing mandates. So what's the deal?

As you can see, this isn’t just a story about one dispensary getting raided; it's about an evolving industry and the struggle to adapt. As your go-to cannabis insider, trust me, we're going to keep digging into this until we get to the sticky icky truth.

Governor Hochul Doubles Down on Unlicensed Cannabis Crackdown Across NY State

So after telling you about Triclomes and the fines, you're probably wondering what the big plan is, right? Well, Governor Kathy Hochul seems to have it all mapped out, and she's got her eyes set on the unlicensed cannabis shops in the Empire State. By teaming up the Office of Cannabis Management and the Department of Taxation and Finance, they're looking to seize, shutdown, and fine any operation without that golden ticket—aka a license. From bake shops selling edibles like Sweetooth, to 80,000 member Cannabis Club Empire, and even popular Big Chief dispensary - no license no play.

And check this: The fines for these "unlawful" shops are sky high—$20,000 a day if you keep the doors open after you get slapped with a cease-and-desist. Remove that cease order from your storefront, and you're still coughing up a $5,000 fine. All of this thanks to new legislation signed by Governor Hochul as part of the 2024 NY State Budget.

But hold up, let's bring it back to Triclomes and John Brown. Before the raid, John got a cease and desist from the OCM, basically saying, "Stop selling that green." But here's where it gets sticky: John's been paying taxes. Yeah, you heard me, taxes. And the state's been happily collecting it.

So, what's the deal, New York? On one hand, you've got the government shutting down businesses for being unlicensed, but on the other hand, they're more than happy to collect those tax dollars?

We’re paying our taxes, all of our employees are on the books, everything we’re doing legitimately, but the state wants to stop us, the state wants to injure us, why? -John Brown

Triclomes Cannabis Shop: Future Announcements on the Horizon — Stay Tuned!

Aight, my Rochester cannabis connousuers, time to put a bow on this package, but don't worry—the story ain't over. Triclomes may have taken a hit, but they're far from down and out. In fact, owner John Brown is linking up with New York City Attorney Joseph Bondy to bring a class-action lawsuit against the OCM. Yeah, that's right, they're taking this to the courts, and you better believe we'll be there to cover every twist and turn.

And listen, just because the OCM walked away with a whole lotta Triclomes merchandise doesn't mean you gotta be left high and dry—pun totally intended. Your favorite cannabis insider has got you covered. We're talkin' about where to buy the best delta 9 THC gummies on the market, shipped right to your doorstep.

Before we bounce, we wanna hear from you, especially our people out in Rochester. Subscribe to the blog, shoot us a message, and let your voice be heard. As we navigate through this haze of policies, court battles, and endless green, it's your stories that keep us grounded. Until next time, Rochester, keep fighting the good fight and stay lifted.

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