The New York CAURD Coalition Says Collaboration over Competition: After NY Judge Halts CAURD Licensing and Approvals

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We are LIVE live broadcasting from the HQ in the heart of NYC, this is your cannabis local news report with the latest and greatest from the cannabis streets. It's been a wild week! So, let me break it down for you.

BREAKING: NYC Cannabis Dispensary Openings Halted By Court Order

Monday, August 7th, 2023, started off like any other, with the city buzzin' about the new retail licenses for cannabis dispensaries. But by the afternoon, everything went sideways. A sudden temporary halt court order by a judge had the whole CAURD program frozen in its tracks. Picture this: new CAURD license holders, ready to pop the champagne and roll out the green carpet, left scratching their heads. Why? A bombshell lawsuit, that's why.

Now, here's where it gets spicy. The plaintiffs? A group of service-disabled veterans. They're taking it to the courts, arguing that the NY Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) are not playing by the rules. These vets believe the OCM are acting in bad faith by excluding them and other groups from getting a piece of that cannabis pie. And here I'm thinking, aren’t the vets supposed to be front and center when it comes to these licenses?

Flashback to July 19, 2023, the scene was all love and positivity. The New York State Cannabis Control Board was making moves, approving more than 200 additional licenses. The aim? Doubling down for those who had past run-ins with the law over Mary Jane, giving them a shot at the legit cannabis game. But just when we thought it was smooth sailing, this lawsuit hits, and now everything's up in the air.

So what's the situation today? We're lighting up the next chapter, the haze of uncertainty only thickens. Let's break down the latest buds of news.

Kingston's Ulster County Courthouse: Ground Zero for the NY CAURD Coalition's Legal Battle

A Look Inside the Ulster County Courthouse in NY

August 11, 2023. The stage? The Ulster County Courthouse in Kingston, NY. The players? The New York CAURD Coalition, standing tall, ready to make their voice heard in the midst of the growing storm.

With the legal smoke swirling in New York's Supreme Court, the day was all about laying the cards on the table. The mission? To show cause and get the NY State Supreme Court to recognize the weight of their arguments. The coalition ain't playing - they're fighting for their green dreams and the dreams of hundreds of other licensees.

Enter @conbud,, and 82-J LLC. These three cannabis crusaders stepped up, seeking the Court's nod to intervene. Their plea? To oppose the plaintiffs' push to pause the CAURD process. Halting the process? That could spell disaster for hundreds of licensees set to open their dispensaries and provide that sweet, sweet green to the masses.

The stakes? Higher than ever (and I ain't just talking THC levels!). This battle could reshape the cannabis landscape in NY. And trust, everyone's got their eyes glued to how this one unfolds.

Let’s go if we don’t stand for something we will fall fall anything NY!✊🏾🗽🌍💯🙈🚀🌊 @happymunkey_
This lawsuit is a travesty and will only hurt the industry. A lawsuit for access without requesting an injunction and destroying the program would have been in good faith, perhaps. This is an attack from the MSOs 🤦 @bigdoobgenetics

Post-hearing conference:

Preach and fight for what's right!!! 🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 @snowbeltcanna
🙏🏿🙏🏿 keep fighting we with ya. @themackster

U.S. Army Veterans Take Aim at NY State's Cannabis Management in Groundbreaking Lawsuit

When NY gave the green light to the pot bill, the vision was crystal clear: uplift and empower. The Empire State was all about bringing some justice to the game. The plan? Prioritize communities that took the brunt of marijuana arrests. Elevate minority and women-owned businesses. Throw a lifeline to distressed farmers. And, of course, show some love to our veterans, especially those who faced disabilities while serving.

But here's where the plot twists harder than a tight pre-roll.

Four U.S. Army vets – Carmine Fiore, William Norgard, Steve Mejia, and Dominic Spaccio – have stepped into the spotlight, saying they've been done wrong. Their beef? They believe the state Office of Cannabis Management straight-up skipped over them, leaving them high and dry without those retail licenses they were gunning for. And it ain't just about them; their claim's put a full stop to the whole program.

They aren't just battling for themselves but for a promise that was made and, in their eyes, broken. The stakes? Trust in the system and the future of NY's green market.

"I feel like veterans were used to get a law passed. A good law, one that helps many citizens, and the state as well. But once that law was passed, we were cast aside for a separate agenda," Carmine Fiore said.

Cannabis Controversy: NY Office of Cannabis Management Takes a Pause on Issuing CAURD Licensing

So to my cannabis connoisseurs hoping to get buds or thc gummies locally, and my cannabis entrepruers looking to open up retail stores, if you're in the NY cannabis scene and waiting on that golden ticket – a license from the OCM – you're gonna have to chill for a minute. Word on the street? The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has hit the brakes, putting a pause on granting out any new licenses. And those recently approved... well they are unfortunately on hold.

But here's the silver lining: NY court ain't interested in a ongoing feud. They're pushing for some peace talks. Their suggestion? That CAURD and our brave veterans find some common ground. A middle path, if you will, that ensures everyone gets a fair shot at the cannabis dream.

It's a classic NYC tale, where two sides, each with legit claims, gotta find a way to coexist and thrive. And trust, the whole city's watching. Can these cannabis contenders find a win-win? Only time will tell. But for now, roll one up, kick back, and watch the story unfold.

The community reacts:

From @tristatehighsociety

From @thinkcany

From @conbudny

Awaiting the Judge’s Call: Crucial Court Decision on the Horizon

NYC connoisseurs, mark your calendars: August 25, 2023. That's when the gavel drops and decisions get made. Another hearing, another chance for clarity in this green maze we're navigating.

Keep it locked right here. We'll be bringing you the updates as they unfold. Fingers crossed, NYC finds a path where everyone's lighting up with joy. I'm talking businesses, veterans, and especially the community, waiting to scoop up those legal goodies from their local spots.

Until then, stay lifted, stay informed, drop a comment, and root for that win-win. Because at the end of the day, it's all love and all about the community. Peace out and stay green, NYC!


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