Smart & Safe Florida Gets $500K Boost by Trulieve

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Reporting live from the heart of Florida where things are getting real heated with the cannabis legalization game. I can feel the energy on these streets! Our community is buzzing, and they're done with the government's handcuffs on our cherished herb. Hold up, did y'all hear? Trulieve just went all in, dropping another $500K on the Smart & Safe Florida campaign. That's some real commitment right there! But, plot twist – our very own Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody, is trying to shut the party down, taking the fight to the supreme court. She's pushing back, trying to keep the legalization talk off the ballots. It's wild out here. Could 2024 be the year the Sunshine State goes full green? Stick with me, and let’s get into the nitty-gritty below.

Trulieve's $500K Boost: Florida's Cannabis Dreams Gets Closer To Legalization

Big moves happening in the cannabis world. Trulieve, the major multi-state cannabis operator, just threw down another $500K to support Smart & Safe Florida. They're leading the charge to make adult-use cannabis a thing here in the Sunshine State. With this latest boost, Trulieve's total backing for the cause has skyrocketed to a whopping $39.55 million!

They're pushing for this "Adult Personal Use of Marijuana" amendment. If it gets the green light, anyone 21 and up could chill with their favorite marijuana products, whether they're lighting up, munching on some edibles, or exploring other ways to rock with the plant. It’s all about that freedom of choice, ya know? Stay tuned and stay informed, 'cause things are getting interesting!

Florida cannabis advocates hoping for legalization of marijuana

Ashley Moody: Florida's Cannabis Gatekeeper? Let's Discuss!

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and her crew are stepping up in court, challenging the green movement. They're putting up a fight to keep the cannabis legalization convo off our ballots. Word is, they believe the proposed constitutional amendment might be pulling a fast one on us voters, swinging things in Trulieve's favor.

Breaking it down, Solicitor General Henry Whitaker threw in his two cents in the court docs, suggesting that the ballot's wording is a bit sly. He feels it might be leading voters in a certain direction, and not in a way that’s best for the people of Florida. Instead, he thinks it might just be solidifying Trulieve's big presence in the cannabis game. It's a complex scene out here, and we gotta stay woke to all sides of the story. Let’s keep our eyes peeled and ears to the streets!

Cannabis in Florida: The Present Landscape & What We Can Do!

Smart & Safe Florida has been working around the clock, collecting all those signatures to bring the cannabis question to our November 2024 ballots. But there's a catch – they're waiting for the Florida Supreme Court to give a thumbs up on the proposed wording. The big day? November 8th, when the justices are set to have a sit-down and discuss the details.

For now, only the medical marijuana scene is popping in Florida. But for those feeling left out, don't stress! The Hemp Heals Foundation has got something special cooking for y’all. Introducing: hemp-derived D9 THC gummies. Yeah, you heard that right! It's like marijuana's cool cousin that's more available and rolling in style throughout Florida. Legal on both the federal and local levels, these gummies come packed with benefits. So, whether you're in Miami or anywhere else in the state, there's something sweet (and legal) waiting for you. Stay informed and explore those greener pastures, y'all!

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Reference: - Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General Re: Adult Personal Use of Marijuana

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