25mg Full Spectrum Delta 9 Gummies - Mixed Berry

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Delight in Green Gold's 25mg Delta 9 gummies! Bursting with Mixed Berry, they're vegan, organic & proudly USA-made. Pure guilt-free joy!

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Full Spectrum THC Delta 9 Mixed Berry Gummies: A Delectable Journey to Wellness!

Unwrap a world of delightful benefits with Green Gold's 25mg Delta 9 THC-infused gummies. Crafted for those who cherish convenience and discretion, these gummies offer a potent blend of psychoactive and therapeutic wonders.

Why Choose Green Gold's Full Spectrum Delta 9 Gummies? Here's the Product Details

  • Ease of Use: No gadgets or gizmos needed. Simply savor a gummy and embark on a serene journey.
  • Stealth Mode: With no telltale odors, these gummies are your secret to keep.
  • Pinpoint Precision: Every gummy packs a precise 25mg of Delta 9 THC, ensuring you're in control.
  • Lasting Bliss: Edibles outlast their smoked or vaped counterparts, letting you savor the serenity longer.
  • Taste the Rainbow: A medley of flavors awaits, each as tantalizing as the next.
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What's Inside These Little Wonders?

  • Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC: Only the best for you, extracted with care for unwavering quality.
  • Organic Cane Sugar: Sweetened naturally, no synthetic stuff here!
  • Organic Fruit Flavoring: Dive into authentic fruitiness, sans any artificial tints or tastes.
  • Vegan Promise: Absolutely plant-based, aligning with your compassionate lifestyle.

Guide to Gummy Bliss

Chew. Savor. Relax. Start with a single gummy, giving it 30 minutes to work its magic. Remember, patience is key; find your sweet spot slowly and enjoy the ride.

These 25mg Delta 9 gummies are a celebration of nature's goodness. Vegan, organic, and oh-so-tasty, they're your ticket to a consistent, delightful Delta 9 THC experience.

Ingredients at a Glance: The Full Spectrum

Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Fruit Pectin, Organic Flavor Extracts, Organic Potassium Citrate, Organic Citric Acid, Natural Vegetable Extracts (coloring), Hemp Derived Isomer.

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