Curaleaf's Arizona Trim Batch Recalled: Aspergillus Alert

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Welcome to the Hemp Heals Foundation. We're come live and direct from the heart of Arizona today. There's some chatter 'bout a local cannabis establishment that's pulling a few of their goodies off the menu. Rumor has it, they're dealing with an uninvited guest: Mr. Aspergillus, a sneaky fungus that can throw off your vibe, especially if your health's already on the ropes. So who's this AZ establishment making the moves? And what should you, the customer, be doing? Don't worry, I got you. We're about to break it all down. Details coming right up!ch

Curaleaf Issues Alert: Aspergillus Contamination in Trim Detected

On Oct. 20, the big shots over at Arizona Department of Health Services dropped some news. The product on the spotlight? Curaleaf MnC, batch number MnC-IC123H2-N (a batch of their trimmed leaves). They're pulling it back 'cause of a little run-in with our not-so-friend, Aspergillus. And props to Curaleaf, they're the ones who gave AZDHS the heads up about the possible funk on their product. Stay informed, stay safe!

AZ Health Dept. to Curaleaf Buyers: Toss Out Possible Contaminated Products

As of this moment, nobody's been hit with any bad vibes or illnesses from these products. But, ya know, AZDHS is advising to err on the side of caution. If you've got your hands on any of these questionable goodies, it's best not to smoke, munch, or vibe with them. Just let 'em go. And if you've already indulged and things are feeling a bit off (check out those symptoms we're laying out below), it's time to ring up your main health doc or dash to emergency if things get real. Always look out for number one – that's you! Stay safe, stay lifted!

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People Also Ask

What is Aspergillus?

Aspergillosis is what happens when you're on the wrong side of a tango with Aspergillus, a common mold. This lil' fungus dude is everywhere – inside, outside, chillin' in the air. Most of us are breathing in its spores daily without any drama. But if your immune system's been knocked down a peg or if your lungs are going through some stuff, Aspergillus might start causing some issues. There are a few different flavors of aspergillosis. Some are just a lil' hiccup, but others? They can get pretty heavy.1

What does Aspergillus do to humans?

For the majority of us with that strong immune game, Aspergillus is just another thing we breathe in without a second thought. But if your immune system's been having a rough time or is a bit on the weaker side, inhaling these spores can lead to some unwelcome drama in the lungs or sinuses. And from there, it might just decide to take a tour of other parts of the body.2

What are the first signs of Aspergillus?

When it comes to allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), it's got some tell-tale signs that look a lot like asthma's signature moves. Keep an eye out for wheezing, shortness of breath, cough, and in some rare beats, even a fever.3

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  1. Barnes PD, Marr KA. Aspergillosis: spectrum of disease, diagnosis, and treatmentexternal icon. Infect Dis Clin North Am. 2006 Sep;20(3):545-61, vi.

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